Expert of comprehensive business security. There are no unsolvable problems for us!

The Special Analytic Service Company (SAS) provides specialized services in the domain of comprehensive business security. We carry out our activities in Ukraine and abroad. Our customers are the owners of medium-sized and big businesses, foreign investors and individuals.

The SAS specialists will examine the business processes of your company and work out a number of SYSTEMATIC MEASURES aimed at comprehensive protection of a business entity from different threats: physical, informational, economic, legal, organizational and personnel, etc. Our activity entails creating conditions for business which minimize as much as possible the factors which undermine its development or threaten the existence of the client company as a whole.

The SAS customers, with all the range of services, get a SPECIAL STATUS of protection and prestige thanks to the competence, reputation, and credibility of our Company.

Only a comprehensive approach can help identify potential risks and develop the strategy of their absolute neutralization! Our experts provide a COMPLEX OF SERVICES tailored specifically for business, market, or enterprise. It is based on methods and approaches of special services on informational and analytic counseling, information collecting and processing, under all standards and requirements of existing Ukrainian and European Union legislations. Our experts make relevant managerial decisions designed to increase the level of competitiveness of your business.

We developed the methods of information collection and analysis and the ones of security that together allow, with the maximum level of reliability, to take PREVENTIVE MEASURES aimed at minimizing potential risks, getting advantages from business organization, and contributing to the Company’s profiting. We establish the STANDARDS of work and organization of COMPREHENSIVE BUSINESS SECURITY for a client company according to a developed security system. The team of reliable and experienced experts can solve all the tasks as soon as possible and with the best result.

Usually, even experienced businessmen disregard preventive instruments of protection for their assets and reputation. They contact us at the stage of real problems.

The partnership with the Special Analytic Service Company will enable you to manage your development strategy and achieve the best results in business. You will be able to evaluate the security situation of your company, optimize the system of internal and external security, and, thus, guarantee the successful operation of your business.

A HEALTHY CLIMATE OF YOUR BUSINESS is a key to a stable, always progressing business system and a strong growth!