When we face problems in business, we usually act without understanding clearly the reasons as well as the very nature, the complexity, and the state of business structure.

The SAS Company has technologies, a qualified staff , and a complex of technical supply for solving the most difficult risk-related problems in all the aspects of business security

  • to audit the safety systems of your business;
  • to examine the reasons of your problems and assess the relevant risks according to the international business standards;
  • to develop a complex system of risk management to reduce their influence on business to a specified level;
  • to implement a system of risk management and to adopt it to your business environment.
The solutions on safety setup include the rating systems of 5 BASIC THREATS, connected with:
  • competitive pressures;
  • human factor;
  • activities of State bodies;
  • organized crime;
  • man-made and nature factors.


1. Business system security analysis:

  • audit and estimation of business security system;
  • vulnerabilities identification;
  • recommendations development

2. Creation of the comprehensive business security concept:

  • Business security structure development;
  • Preparation of internal regulations and administrative documents (external surveillance service, informational support of internal and external security, rules of cooperation with the law enforcement bodies, etc.);
  • Drafting of instructions for the staff.

3. Business (competitive) intelligence:

  • Complex examination of your competitors and business partners’ potential (identification of their strong and weak sides, verifying of their business reputation, monitoring of their potential and goodwill, etc.);
  • Verification of the partners and counteragents’ reliability and financial condition;
  • Verification of commercial and business information;
  • Confirmation or rebuttal of incriminating data about your counteragents, partners, and opponents.

4. Legal support:

  • Monitoring and analysis of legislative and regulatory changes which can influence your business;
  • Analysis of legal risks;
  • Expertise of completed deals;
  • Lawful protection from illegal activities;
  • Cooperation with law enforcement agencies in order to control the compliance with the laws;
  • Representation and protection of your interests in government entities, local governments, in social and other legal organizations;
  • Judicial and claim activity;
  • Prevention of the threats from government agencies and law enforcement authorities;
  • Customer legal support of the company.

5. Ensuring physical security of your business and individuals:

  • Company’s equipping with technical systems of security;
  • Ensuring physical security of the owners and superior management;
  • Ensuring physical security of the property and the company’s staff;
  • Ensuring security of public events (congresses, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, etc.)
  • Creating conditions which eliminate all illegal actions from counteragents and the staff.

6. Personnel security system development of your business:

  • Assessment of the company’s corporate culture and generation of corrective recommendations;
  • Application of methods which can identify the reliability of data provided by employees when being hired;
  • Investigation with a polygraph.

7. Protection of commercial information and prevention of corporate espionage;

  • Ensuring informational security of an entity;
  • Development of the documentation which regulates the staff’s work with the carriers of confidential data;
  • Organization of the confidential information securing process;
  • Assistance in administrative investigation to establish the circumstances of disclosure of information which is considered as commercial secret;
  • Business reputation protection;
  • Prevention of information leakage;
  • Creation of recommendations that prevent situations with negative impact on the company’s reputation;
  • Location and vehicle checking for hidden fixing means.

8. Informational and analytical support of the management:

  • Informational support of business negotiations;
  • Development of security system for the cooperation with customers;
  • Preparation of the staff for conducting negotiations;
  • Assistance in conducting negotiations with counteragents;
  • Teaching methods and technologies of formation of loyal relationships in business.

9. Development of the actions in case of emergency situations:

  • Analysis of the situation around the site;
  • Drafting the recommendations for the staff to act in case of threats;
  • Development of the plan aimed to eliminate negative consequences by modeling states of emergency;
  • Prevention of threats from organized crime (raidership, etc.

10. Support of investment projects:

  • Comprehensive analysis of import operations on selected trade item;
  • Legal support of investment activity;
  • Physical security of an investor and their representatives;
  • Comprehensive business security construction for investors and their business structures;
  • Support in business networking with potential consumers of a product.

11. Ensuring security of your foreign partners, coming and working in Ukraine:

  • Provision of a bodyguard;
  • Object security.

12. Consulting in the individual and corporate format on security subject.