Special Analysis Service


Service list

  • Personal armed guard of the customer
  • Professional bodyguard services for family members
  • Escort during the movement of the customer on his vehicle or company car
  • Provision of an armored vehicle with a bodyguard driver
  • Restriction of access to protected persons
  • Checking the security status of the customer’s permanent locations
  • Checking the security status of travel routes
  • Monitoring the current situation and prompt response to threats
  • Protection of public events

All tasks related to the organization of personal security, we carry out professionally and efficiently. The company employees have undergone special training and have practical experience working as bodyguards, handling weapons, providing first aid and extreme driving.

Estimated prices for bodyguards and security services for public events:

from 100 USD / per shift

Change - 12 hours. To form the final price, you need information about the specifics of the order, duration, equipment, etc. When concluding contracts for a long period, a substantial discount is provided. To clarify the price, call us by phone: ☏ (044) 228-82-85, ☏ (067) 361-10-05

Taking into account the specifics of the activity, personal needs, as well as the existing degree of threat, customers choose certain protection options:

  • Personal security guard. A guard who turns into a "shadow" of a protected person. Constant support of the customer in order to eliminate possible threats in the immediate vicinity.
  • Bodyguard driver. Ensuring customer safety when traveling in a car. Obligatory professional skills of impeccable driving in extreme conditions, as well as special training for performing bodyguard functions.
  • Guard for children. Ensuring the safety of the child. Permanent or temporary involvement of a bodyguard is possible. For example, to accompany to and from school, attending various events.
  • Comprehensive bodyguard. A group of specialists is involved in order to provide comprehensive protection at all borders and during movement.
  • VIP security. Personal protection of public figures, politicians, artists. The specifics of communication with a wide mass of people, the protection of information about the client’s private life, representative functions, the correctness of public behavior, etc. are taken into account.
  • One-time services of a professional bodyguard. Securing the client during the transaction, negotiations, public events, for meeting at the airport or railway station, escort to the hotel, etc.

Bodyguard outfit

To provide professional services, employees must be adequately equipped. The standard set of equipment includes:

  • Weapons. Combat or traumatic gun, special knife (for use in combat conditions or for domestic purposes).
  • First Aid Medical Equipment. First of all, drugs and drugs to stop bleeding (tourniquet, bandage, patch, hemostatic drugs).
  • Communication facilities and auxiliary items. Walkie-talkie, smart watch (to replace the use of a smartphone when performing security functions), flashlight, marker, multi-tool.

Turning to the company "Special Analytical Service", you can order the services of a bodyguard in Kiev or in another region of Ukraine. We will coordinate all details over the phone. Define the terms, quantity, equipment and prices. If necessary, we can offer you a rental armored executive car. If there is a real threat to the client, we can also offer you comprehensive security services. We will identify and neutralize the sources of the threat by protecting our client, his family and business.
All our employees underwent special training, many have not only work experience, which is mandatory, but also experience in warfare.
You can also contact us if there is a need to protect public events. Experienced security guards will ensure the order and safety of guests during anniversaries, corporate parties, concerts.

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