Special Analysis Service


Armored vehicle with a bodyguard driver

We rent an armored car MERCEDES-BENZ G-500. Leather interior. High level of security. The car is fully prepared for work in extreme conditions. Booking class B7. Engine 5.0 v-8.

Rental price: $ 550 for 12 hours (work shift). Payment for driver-bodyguard services is included in the rental price.

Renting armored vehicles with a bodyguard driver is an exclusive service of our company. The service is in demand if you are in real danger. It is possible to provide your protection when moving around the city, or traveling outside it when using a special car.

Often, in ordinary life, we ourselves, without hesitation, create a lot of problems for ourselves. The frivolous attitude towards potential threats is the main reason for them. Have you withdrawn a large amount of money from the bank? Are you ready to lose it on the way out? Transporting valuables in your car? Can you save them during an attack yourself? That you have never had a problem with it before creates a false sense of security. In modern conditions, armored vehicle rental is affordable and in demand in many cases. Use the rental of a special armored car if you need to ensure the safety of transportation:

large sums of money, especially important documents, jewelry and artistic values, VIP-persons, children and adults whose life and health may be threatened.

  • All protective elements of the armored car are hiddenly hidden under the outer skin.
  • reinforced suspension is designed to increase the mass of the car, which is inevitable when installing armored plates.
  • high-strength protective glazing is used.
  • the fuel tank is self-sealing.
  • special emergency tires with PAX technology are used, allowing you to move when damaged.

Armor class B7 withstands hit from small arms of caliber 7.62 bullets with a heat-strengthened core (Kalashnikov assault rifle, carbine, sniper rifle), and also protects against fragmentation grenade explosion.

If necessary, our company can also offer bodyguard services or comprehensive security services.