Special Analysis Service


Protection of cargo transportation

  • Analysis and preparation of a safe route for the movement of goods, taking into account the particular terrain, as well as other factors.
  • Development of a timetable taking into account stops for rest, refueling, etc.
  • Ensuring safety during loading, sending and delivery of goods.
  • Physical escort of cargo by armed guards.

The company “CAS” provides protection of freight by road, rail. Our employees accompany the cargo from the loading point to the unloading point, ensuring its complete safety.

Also, we can offer you comprehensive security services that protect your business from any threats.

Transport safety. Statistics

The International Organization for the Fight against Cargo Theft has published statistics according to which there is a constant increase in the number of thefts in the field of freight transport throughout the world. Unfortunately, Ukraine is no exception. Both the geography and the scale of crime are expanding. Every year, the number of thefts related to transportation grows by 10-15%. The most acute problem of security is faced by road carriers.

The most common theft methods are:

1. Theft during a long overnight parking. Up to 20% of all cases.

2. Theft in a temporary parking lot. The car is accompanied to a stop, for example, near a roadside cafe. During the time the driver takes food, a significant part of the goods is “confiscated”.

3. Theft while driving. The load moves while driving into the vehicle that follows. This method requires some skill, but is quite common.

4. Robbery while parking. Threatening the life of the driver, the robbers, not hiding, take the cargo.

5. Robbery on the highway using props. Robbers put on the uniform of police officers, stop the car. After that, the cargo is forcibly “requisitioned”.

6. Intellectual theft. The most common options are with the creation of fake carrier companies, schemes with changing places of unloading, collusion with drivers, etc.

Despite technological progress, the development of monitoring and alarm systems, physical security during transportation remains the most effective method of combating theft. The company “Special Analytical Service” provides professional services for the protection of cargo transportation throughout the territory of Ukraine.