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Conflict over Property Rights

Conflict over Property Rights

Property disputes. Protection of property rights

Property disputes of yesterday’s business partners are a daily practice in today’s reality. Any tangible assets can be the subject of disputes: objects of construction in progress, agricultural crops, company assets, etc. Our company provides services of legal resolution of such disputes in court or settlement in the mediation process. The protection of our clients’ property rights is achieved in various ways, depending on the specific situation. In most cases, we use legal mechanisms to resolve the problem to protect property rights in property disputes.

Case studies

Between individuals implementing a joint investment project for the construction of residential buildings, a conflict arose over the ownership of assets in the form of property (residential buildings) and profit. The hired Top Manager, who received a share in the project, eventually removed other participants, first from management, and then from the distribution of project assets.

As a result of the study of individuals, project participants (including close circle), the presence of an investment resource and its constituent elements until the start of the project was determined. Subsequently, a study was conducted of the financial condition and assets of the hired Top Manager and his close circle since the start of the project.As a result of the work performed, information was provided on the activities in the project of the Top Manager, within the framework of which schemes for the withdrawal of joint capital and cash outflows, as well as the creation of new own enterprises to which the accumulated assets were transferred. Based on the materials received, allegations of crime, additional directions identified the formation of evidence in litigation, as well as created conditions for strengthening the legal position of clients.

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