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The development of the market and engineering solutions in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has created conditions not only for the implementation of many amateur, economic and military tasks, but also expands the possibilities of illegal actions without direct human involvement.

UAV classification

Nano unmanned aerial vehicle

“Nano-UAV”, the range of which is up to 1 km. Takeoff weight up to 0.025 kg.

Micro unmanned aerial vehicle

“Micro-UAV”, flight range is up to 10 km. Takeoff weight up to 5 kg.

Mini unmanned aerial vehicle

“Mini-BLK” – flight range up to 10 km. Takeoff weight, including hinged
the equipment can weigh up to 200 kg.

UAV suppression

As a rule, the location, speed and orientation of mobile unmanned aerial vehicles are determined using GPS signals, and the flight takes place according to the operator’s commands, or on autopilot on a closed route (with the possibility of correction at any time). Thus, being at a distance from the object, there is a real opportunity to observe privacy from the air, to conduct industrial espionage, to facilitate the implementation of various actions and interventions.
In the classical sense, the neutralization of unmanned aerial vehicles in the flight of UAVs is the suppression of control channels and the exchange of information through electronic interference, as well as the use of various networks and means of interfering with flight.
The analysis of existing engineering solutions for the control of small unmanned aerial vehicles showed that in the process of flight, information transmission channels and control BLK, as a rule, are not protected from electronic suppression systems.
The information transmission channels include: the channel for transmitting commands from the operator’s console to the unmanned aerial vehicle; data transmission channel from BLK to the operator’s panel; channel for receiving signals coming from satellite radio support systems.
In these areas, the company’s specialists carried out a number of research and development works and created electronic suppression systems for control channels of unmanned aerial vehicles, information channels for UAV data transmission and signal reception of radio navigation satellite support systems at distances from 5 to 10 km.

UAV suppression complex 1
UAV suppression complex 2

These developments were carried out in the segment of devices for civilian use. Developments of the company’s specialists are distinguished by a comprehensive approach, ease of use, allow to solve such tasks as ensuring the confidentiality of privacy in the context of the event of video documentation of territories and events.

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