Special Analysis Service


Services of detectives of the company "Special Analytical Service"

When ensuring the comprehensive security of a business or individuals, in some cases it is necessary to carry out activities related to detective activity:

  • Search activities
    Collection of information about individuals and legal entities
  • Verification of employees of enterprises and candidates when hiring
  • Checking of domestic service personnel (governesses, cleaning ladies, cooks, gardeners)
  • Polygraph services, polygraph research
  • Search for missing people, search for people with whom contacts have been lost
  • Prevention of marriage scams, collection of information about potential “relatives”
  • Checking premises and vehicles for wiretapping
  • Checking the intentions of business partners or competitors
  • Operational activities

Services are provided to both individuals and legal entities. Access to databases, analytics tools, operational measures allow us to solve almost any request. All information obtained during the events is confidential and not subject to disclosure.

Private detective. In what cases is there no alternative?

A private detective takes on issues that cannot be effectively resolved by law enforcement agencies for a number of reasons. Most of us, thanks to cinema, are well versed in how police cases are investigated that are not included in the priority (not having serious consequences: missing person, ordinary theft, information leakage, marriage and other scams, …). In conditions of constant circulation by police officers, such cases are postponed to a far corner. A number of questions that a detective can solve will not be accepted by the police at all, on the basis that they do not bear signs of a crime or offense. So, for example, for checking personnel, collecting information about persons or companies of interest to you, there is simply no alternative to the services of a private detective.

The company “Special Analytical Service” is ready to provide a full range of services of a private detective.