Special Analysis Service

Finding the reasons for the decrease in the volume of finished products

Decrease in output

Analysis of security systems. Checking the organization of the security service.

In the absence of control over the organization of the work of the security service, sooner or later you may encounter a widespread phenomenon called “systematic theft of warehouse products.” The company “Special Analytical Service” is an expert in the field of security. We provide services for analyzing and checking security systems, organizing security services for objects of various categories.

Case studies

The owner of the Coal Processing Plant Management Company was faced with the problem of a significant reduction in output by his enterprises and, as a result, a significant drop in profits.

To determine the real state of the organization of the work of the security service at coal mills and control over the movement of products, appropriate specialists were sent and an audit of the physical security of enterprises was conducted.
During the audit, verification / assessment of the physical, technical and engineering protection of factories, its compliance with existing and potential threats was carried out.
To analyze the vulnerability of Objects and the existing physical security system, the following goals and objectives were identified:
• identification of protection items that are important for life (the most probable goals of malicious actions by violators);
• identification of possible threats and models of probable performers of threats (violators);
• assessment of possible damage from the implementation of projected security threats;
• assessment of vulnerability and existing security system;
• development of general safety recommendations.

As a result of the work performed, the Owner received a report in which, in addition to a description of the current security system and identified shortcomings, recommendations were given to improve the level of physical security of enterprises (technical and organizational decisions, protocols of actions of security officers).
In addition, as part of a separate agreement, a new security service was formed, which went to the enterprises and secured not only the territory, premises and equipment, but also tightened control over the storage and dispensing of finished products.

We can also offer additional services for checking personnel, ensuring information security, a full range of legal services.

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