Special Analysis Service


Service list

  • Development and implementation of a system for selecting and accepting candidates for work
  • Checking employees and determining their loyalty to the company
  • Assessment of corporate culture and development of recommendations for its adjustment
  • Identification and prevention of fraudulent and unlawful actions on the part of working and dismissed employees
  • HR audit
  • Security Training
  • Crash test for company staff

Checking the employees of the enterprise

At all times, the most popular service remains the service of checking the company’s employees. Already at the stage of hiring a specialist, the manager must be sure that the new member of his team will be a reliable support, and not a “weak link”. When applying for a job, people are in no hurry to share their story, as a rule, keeping silent about its not the best pages. The presence of convictions, problems in family relationships, an unfavorable credit history – this is not a complete list of what the candidate will keep silent about when hiring. Alcohol abuse, drug use, mental problems are quite private “friends” for many of our fellow citizens, most of whom are already working for someone, or are in active search. Are you sure that there are no such people among those who surround you now?
Complete information about the employee, confidence in his decency and the absence of negative sides is the only way to the success of any enterprise.
The company “Special Analytical Service” will help you find out everything. We use various methods to check employees, including a polygraph test, and, if necessary, use the services of our detectives. Depending on the tasks set, we will check not only the history of candidates, but also check the existing employees for their loyalty, or involvement in certain events.