Special Analysis Service

Individual case for the client

Индивидуальный кейс услуг безопасности

The product of the SAS Company is the so-called INDIVIDUAL CASE. It is a set of measures to optimize or create a security system from scratch, specially adapted for a specific client (organization or individual).

An “Individual Case” is being developed solely based on the results of a comprehensive audit conducted by specialized specialists.

The diagram below shows the full “route” of our work: from the moment the client sets the task until the full implementation of the developed set of measures.

The main stages of the development of the “Individual Case” for the client:

1. The client voices the problem or problem points in the functioning of his business.
2. The analytical and legal departments of SAS, based on the initial data, carry out a pre-contractual analysis of the client and the task, which includes:

  • customer identification by EDRPOU number;
  • ascertaining the business and image reputation of the client in the business environment;
  • verification of the primary information provided by the client for accuracy;
  • verification of the task set by the client for legality;
    building a model of interaction with the client to obtain the necessary information and solve the problem.

3. Based on the results of the pre-contractual analysis, SAS specialists form recommendations for the management regarding the appropriateness and legality of cooperation with the client.

4. The top management of the company “SAS” makes a decision on cooperation. We refuse a potential client in the following cases:

  • he provided knowingly false information;
  • the unlawfulness of commercial activity or the task in particular has been established;
  • cooperation with a client may damage the employees or the image of SAS Company.

In case of a positive decision on cooperation, the legal department carries out contractual work and SAS Company concludes a service agreement with the client.
5. According to the terms of the concluded contract, TOP management sets the tasks for the Analytical Department.
6. Guided by the assigned tasks, specialized SAS specialists travel to the facility for the purpose of conducting an audit.
7. After receiving the necessary initial data, the staff of the Analytical Department proceed with the development of the “Individual Case”.
8. Specialists of the Analytical Department “CAC”:

  • analyze the information received;
  • identify threats and weaknesses in the security system;
  • form conclusions and recommendations on the creation / optimization of the existing security system;
  • develop the necessary documentation (protocols, instructions, procedures for ensuring and monitoring security).

The developed set of measures and options for solving the task, the Analytical Department transfers to the top management.
9. The top management of SAS Company approves the final “Individual Case” and passes it to the client, followed by the implementation phase (independently by the client’s staff or with the participation of SAS specialists).

A competent businessman is ready to pay for his peace of mind, but not for mythical promises. Therefore, the result of our cooperation with the client is always a systematic package of measures aimed at comprehensive protection of the business structure from any types of threats.