Special Analysis Service


List of Information Services

  • Monitoring and analysis of the information space around the client
  • Development of a system for protecting confidential information and trade secrets
  • Protection of business reputation and company image
  • Engineering and technical information protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Checking rooms and vehicles for hidden fixation

Business Information Security

Information security of business is one of the most important areas, since no modern organization is complete without information technologies and any economic activity is accompanied by flows of certain information.

Most businessmen adhere to the idea that if their companies are small or they do not conduct active public activities, then they are not of interest to attackers. As practice shows, each more or less successful enterprise becomes the object of attention of competitors, raiders, corrupt government employees and other fraudsters. Any organization owns trade secrets and confidential information of various kinds (financial information, intellectual property, information about employees, information about contractors, etc.), which can be used to the detriment of detractors.

Sources of threats can be either external (competitors, opponents, criminal elements, laid-off employees, etc.), or internal (existing employees of the company). Damage can also be caused intentionally or accidentally. Often, company employees simply do not possess the necessary knowledge regarding working with confidential data, or simply because of their negligence can cause the leak of important information and, accordingly, adverse business consequences. In order to prevent such situations, it is necessary to develop procedures and protocols for handling information flows and conduct staff training.

Information security is a broad concept; it does not boil down solely to protection against unauthorized access to information. In this case, technical breakdowns of the system, which caused a failure and interruption in operation, can also be threats. In certain activities, this can cause significant losses, therefore, an important place is also taken by the engineering and technical system of protection and work with information.

Given the high technical equipment of modern companies, a key role was taken by such an element as cybersecurity – a set of measures to protect systems, networks and software applications from digital attacks aimed at gaining access to confidential information, changing or destroying it.

In addition, some business areas are largely dependent on the image of the company or specifically the owner / first person. Then the formation and protection of a positive business reputation comes first. In this case, it is necessary:

  • to monitor and analyze the information space around the client;
  • identify existing and potential sources of negative (black PR, negative media publications, registered shares, etc.);
  • to develop a comprehensive action plan to adjust or build the image and business reputation of the client;
  • neutralize negative impacts and implement the developed measures.

A competently built system of protection and management of information resources is the key to the full and continuous functioning of the business system.

The SAS company provides information security services, as well as a range of other services for business protection: legal services, mediation, private detective services, personnel security and personnel checks, cargo security and escort, bodyguard services and armored car rental, and a number of others.