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Integrated security is the foundation of a healthy business

Integrated Security

In Ukraine, destructive processes have been launched and continue to develop that are aimed at creating unbearable conditions for the healthy functioning of the business. For each organization, external and internal threats are purely individual. At the same time, in our opinion, the categories indicated below include elements that are applicable to almost any business entity.

External threats to business:

  • macroeconomic threats: economic crises, disruptions in production relations, inflation, loss of markets for raw materials, etc .;
  • deterioration of the business climate in a particular area;
  • changes in legislation affecting business conditions;
  • adverse changes in the political situation, including the political impact on a particular business;
  • lowering the standard of living of citizens and their solvency;
  • instability of the state exchange rate policy or exchange rate;
  • illegal financial transactions of counterparties;
  • implementation of schemes and illegal actions by counterparties;
  • raiding (hostile takeover);
  • illegal actions of criminal structures;
  • criminogenicity of society;
  • intimidation, threats, blackmail and physical impact on owners and members of their families;
  • use of unfair competition;
  • industrial and economic espionage and unauthorized access of competitors to classified information constituting a trade secret;
  • cyber attacks;
  • undermining the business image and reputation in the business community;
  • unlawful actions of regulatory and law enforcement agencies;
  • natural and man-made emergencies.

Internal threats to business:

  • Conflict situations between owners, shareholders, investors and members of their families;
  • omissions in tactical and strategic planning associated with the choice of goals, incorrect assessment of the capabilities of the enterprise, errors in predicting changes in the environment;
  • the dependence of key business entities on criminal elements;
  • manufacturing flaws and technology disruptions;
  • violation of the regime for maintaining trade secrets and confidential information, information leakage;
  • unprofessional activity of managers, poorly selected staff, lack of monitoring of the activities of dismissed employees;
  • criminal actions of personnel and introduction of competitor intelligence structures, organized crime and individuals with unlawful intentions at the enterprise;
  • unfair security and inadequate engineering protection;
  • theft, illegal entry into objects;
  • computer hardware failure;
  • emergency situations within the company (accidents, arson, explosions, shelling, acts of vandalism, etc.).

If you do not pay attention to the presence of external and internal threats, do not study them and do not take measures to neutralize them, any of them will lead to devastating consequences. The interval between the successful, stable operation of the company and the loss of profit or even the complete cessation of the enterprise is very small. Events in the modern business environment are developing very quickly. If the moment of relevance of corrective or preventive measures is lost, then their effectiveness will significantly decrease or even be reduced to zero.

Most businessmen approach the solution of security issues pointwise, focusing only on one or more elements, which is fundamentally wrong. For example, a leader employs strong object and personal guards to counter illegal seizure, while the opponent finds weaknesses in legal protection and takes away business on paper “without a single shot”.

SAS adheres to an alternative business philosophy, one of the key points of which is a systematic approach to ensuring integrated security, aimed at comprehensive protection of the organization from various types of threats. In this case, the business processes of the enterprise should be analyzed in the context of all types of security: economic, physical, legal, informational, personnel.

Such an approach will help to identify all possible risks for each specific businessman and develop a strategy for their systemic neutralization. And only then will it be possible to say with confidence that the business system operates in a healthy environment and is protected from destructive influences both from the outside and from the inside.

Only the businessman himself, making the right managerial decisions TODAY, is the guarantor of the success of his business, ensuring himself a stable TOMORROW!