Special Analysis Service


List of legal services

  • Legal audit of the company and its documents for compliance with regulatory acts, analysis of legal risks
  • Legal advice on the application of legislation
  • Analysis / preparation of draft constituent and other corporate governance documents
  • Analysis of the structure of the company and management decision-making procedures, development of recommendations for their improvement
  • Preparation of draft legal documents
  • Representation of client’s interests in courts of all instances, law enforcement bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations of all forms of ownership, as well as in interaction with individuals
  • Prevention and counteraction to illegal interference of law enforcement agencies, competitors in the economic activities of the client company
  • Representation of interests of the client in criminal, administrative, civil and economic affairs, labor disputes
  • Identification of possible schemes and methods of company capture, preparation of recommendations to minimize risks (prevention of raider attacks)
  • Modeling of emergency situations (checks, law enforcement intervention, raiding, etc.), development of an interaction algorithm for employees, conducting trainings for staff

Business security. Legal consultation

Legal business security is an integral part of integrated security. It is a set of legislatively regulated measures to maintain the legal status and protect the legitimate interests of the client. It is worth noting that this service goes beyond the usual legal support of activities, as it provides for the implementation of a set of measures to identify possible risks to the business. It includes not only the support of contractual work, the participation of a lawyer in negotiations with contractors or in litigation, but also analytical work to identify various circumstances that could have a negative impact on the company.

The leaders of most modern companies resort to the services of lawyers only if it is necessary to solve a problem that has already arisen. But we must understand that in this area it is vitally important preventive measures aimed at minimizing any risks and preventing threats that arise against the background of legal insecurity of the business.

In the context of constantly changing legislation, a business system requires reliable protection against the following threats:

In the framework of ensuring legal security of business, the following is carried out:

  • constant monitoring of changes in legislation, including planned, which may affect the business, affect individual business processes or investment projects;
  • assessment of the company’s internal documents and decisions made by its management in terms of further scenarios for their implementation;
  • collection and analysis of information on planned transactions, including verification of counterparties;
  • forecasting business development options based on an analysis of the existing regulatory framework and the nature of activities;
  • analysis of crisis situations, as well as their settlement with the opposite side;
  • interaction with government bodies.

It is important to note that all these areas are interconnected, therefore, the service of ensuring legal security of a business is classified as complex. Only this approach eliminates any legal risks.

A lawyer working to protect a business practically does not do the work that is usual for such a specialist: drafting contracts, preparing claims and claims. The tasks of the security lawyer include analyzing the documentation and everything that happens in and around the company. The result of this work is obtaining enough information to make informed management decisions, as well as the absence of conflicts between the organization and its internal and external environment: government agencies and other market participants.

The implementation of activities to ensure the legal security of the business is aimed at its maximum legalization. Specialists providing such services help to organize the work of the company in such a way that it runs exclusively in the legal field, and at the same time, the efficiency is higher than when using black and gray schemes.

The competent work of a security lawyer allows you to find legal ways to optimize any business processes, as well as legal options for solving various situations, including conflict ones. Experience proves that transparency of a business often becomes the basis of its protection against any threats, including legal ones.

Services of legal security of business acquire particular relevance in the implementation of investment projects. Any investment is an investment for a certain, often long, period in order to obtain a stable income in the future. In order to achieve this goal, a thorough study of the project is carried out: an assessment of the necessary costs, calculation of payback periods, forecast profit levels, etc. Often in these events the issue of legal protection is overlooked. Meanwhile, any investment project requires a thorough analysis of threats of a precisely legal nature. Specialists working in this area analyze the project, including formulating forecasts of its legal protection under various scenarios of the development of the current socio-economic situation. Such analytical work allows you to make timely adjustments to the project by laying other indicators in it or by changing the planned result.

Legal security of the business involves the analysis of a large amount of information in order to obtain objective data on possible risks to the business, as well as options for their exclusion in the company. Entrusting such work is necessary for professionals who have not only extensive knowledge in the field of economics and jurisprudence, but also have analytical skills that allow them to obtain exclusive data necessary for successful creatures