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Pre-trial settlement of disputes

People who are trying to resolve a conflict for the first time in business or in another area believe that this is possible only through legal proceedings. But this is not the case. Going to court means months and years of proceedings, the unpredictability of the result and the lack of obligation to comply with the decision. These are our realities.

There are more effective methods, and we are ready to help you with this. The company “Special Analytical Service” offers services of pre-trial dispute resolution.

Mediation is negotiations with the participation of a third, neutral party, which is only interested in the parties to resolve their conflict in the most beneficial way for all parties involved. The mediator supports the parties involved in the dispute in developing an independent conciliation agreement.

The characteristic features of the procedure are: voluntary participation, confidentiality, informal nature of the process, consideration of the interests of the parties.

The development and application of pre-trial settlement of disputes in Ukraine began back in the 90s on the basis of non-profit public organizations. Now mediation is used in Ukraine to resolve corporate, organizational (between employees), labor, family issues and even within the framework of criminal proceedings.

When is it necessary? An attempt to come to an agreement directly between themselves did not bring anything, the negotiations reached a dead end. For various reasons, the parties do not want or cannot go to court. In this case, the procedure for pre-trial settlement of the conflict with the participation of a specialist from the neutral side is the only correct decision.

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