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The principle of psychophysiological research using a polygraph is currently widely used in various public and private structures, situations at work and in private life, where it is necessary to confirm the sincerity of the interviewed employee / person.
When carrying out official investigations by the specialists of the SAS company, a polygraph is used with a high degree of efficiency in terms of identifying deliberate actions of persons who are suspected of causing economic / moral damage to the interests of the client.

Research using a polygraph. Details

The psychophysiological study using a polygraph is based on the idea of ​​fixing changes in the state of the studied person (sweating, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), as a response of the respondent’s body to the questions asked by the expert.
The state of the test person is monitored using a variety of sensors that pick up signals from different zones and send them to the sensor unit of the printing complex. Then, the converted signals are ported into a special program, which, with reference to the reaction time to the asked questions, presents the results in the form of graphs.
The need to issue the correct / desired answers, in which the subject is interested, initially creates an internal tension in the body, which only increases with questions regarding the situation that the respondent is trying to hide.

Polygraph testing of personnel

Thus, the documented reaction of the body to certain questions gives the most objective assessment of the sincerity of the research subject. That is why polygraphic research is currently one of the most popular and reliable ways to identify hidden information.
This method of checking the respondent’s information for reliability can be used when recruiting specialists for work, investigating cases of theft and theft, as well as in personal life to confirm the sincerity of a partner.

The company “Special Analytical Service” provides comprehensive security services for legal entities and individuals. The polygraph is just one of the tools to provide it.