The key to our success is care for our reputation.

We do the work with high quality! This is our position of principle. We take a great responsibility for every single task, regardless of the volume and the project cost. Every employee as well as partner must be highly qualified and possess a solid business reputation in our Company.

Not every business entity can become our customer because we carefully examine a potential one before the cooperation. We fundamentally do not take on cases which are connected with an illegal commercial activity. Besides, we reserve the right to put an end unilaterally to the contractual relationship with a customer if it can cause harm to the staff or the general image of the SAS Company.

We comply with the policy of legality

We work strictly in a legal field and provide services based on necessary approval documents in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and the one of the countries in which we represent the customer’s interests. Herewith, we don’t break moral norms and principles.

We comply with the privacy policy

You can be sure that your personal and commercial information will be kept confidential. Our staff’s operations are being held in non-disclosure regime. Each employee gets only that kind of information about a customer which is necessary for completing certain tasks. We value every piece of confidential information provided under the contractual relationship, with no exceptions.

Our priority is the prevention of business security problems

We focus on the prevention of possible threats since it is a key to a successful business development and its longevity. Timely preventive methods allow to avoid the majority of negative situations in the future and minimize the losses occurring when business faces adverse conditions for its development.

Our Company’s staff are leading specialists in their sectors

Our employees are international senior lawyers, specialists in investigation and analytics. They are special services former officers who are skilled practitioners in organizing and taking on activities aimed to provide comprehensive security. Besides, we regularly work on the development, the qualification and skills improvement of our staff. Due to a high level of their professionalism, SAS is known to be the expert in comprehensive business security.

We use international experience in the field of comprehensive security

The SAS Company applies disruptive technologies and innovative methods, approaches and forms of work in the domain of security based on international experience. Besides, we work out maximally effective individual decisions according to the customer’s needs.

We act rapidly

We guarantee a maximally fast reaction on any alarm signals connected with the situations and security threats of our customer. It ensures the prevention of possible negative consequences and the minimization of expenses to resolve them.

We build partner relationships with customers

The Company is aimed at long-term cooperation and trust relationships with its customers. We treat our customer’s tasks as ours and are ready to offer exclusive terms of cooperation.  Once having become our client, you can be sure that SAS won’t represent the interests of your opponents.