Special Analysis Service

Product Market Research

Product Market Research

Market analysis of products and services

The company “Special Analytical Service” provides services for research and analysis of the market for products and services. We will prepare up-to-date information for importers and exporters on any sector of the economy of the region, or the country that interests you.

Case studies

The Agricultural Company decided to conduct a study of the current export market for a certain type of product to determine the possibility of expanding the volumes and regional supply directions.

An in-depth processing of analytical and statistical information was carried out, as a result of which the Company was provided with:

1. The list and regional affiliation of enterprises engaged in export operations of a particular product into the customs territory of a specific country for a specified period in cost and quantity terms.
2. Analysis of the ratios for a number of indicators: market share, product price, cost volumes, export operations for a certain period.
3. Brief characterizing information on exporting enterprises and their regional affiliation.
4. Regional and quantitative affiliation of importing enterprises in a particular country.
5. Analysis of the activity of enterprises engaged in export operations.
6. The list, general characteristics and market share among the enterprises of the country engaged in the import of certain goods from Ukraine.
7. The list of all countries-consumers of goods in terms of quantitative and value terms

As a result of the work performed, the Company received information about new potential customers of the selected country, as well as a promising option for the development of exports to other countries.

The SAS company provides a range of services for business: analysis of the competitive environment, protection against various threats, legal support of companies’ activities, resolution of disputes in court and using the mediation procedure, a number of others that provide comprehensive business protection in various situations.