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Physical security of objects

Ensuring the physical security of facilities is one of the most important components of the integrated security of any enterprise. Physical security – a balanced set of measures aimed at preventing theft, illegal entry, prevention of other emergency situations.

When providing physical protection of stationary objects, the security company carries out the following measures:

  • provision of access control and counteraction to illegal access to the protected object;
  • inspection of vehicles at the checkpoint, prevention of unauthorized movement of material assets;
  • regular bypassing the territory and monitoring the situation using alarm systems and video surveillance;
  • implementation of fire-fighting measures.

The list is not exhaustive and, according to the customer's requirements, can be changed depending on the specifics of the protected object.

By ordering physical security, the client receives a number of significant advantages:

  • public order is maintained at the facility and the surrounding area;
  • control over the observance of the internal order by the personnel is ensured;
  • security guards respond professionally to situations that endanger property and personnel.

The company "Special Analytical Service" offers high-quality services of physical protection of objects based on the following principles:

  • high level of professional training of security guards;
  • high-quality equipment of security guards with uniforms, special protective equipment, communications, special equipment;
  • constant control over the performance of service at the guard posts;
  • the use of technical means in the organization of security measures: authorized access control systems, video surveillance, security and fire alarms.

The cost of physical security services is calculated individually, taking into account the specifics of the protected object and the customer's requirements for organizing security. The cost of security services includes the cost of wages of security guards, equipment, ensuring control over the performance of the service. Also, for certain categories of objects, the price of protection is influenced by the availability and level of living conditions for security guards to perform service and rest.