Special Analysis Service

Studying the risks of contract performance

Studying the risks of contract performance

Counterparty check. Study of the risks of fulfilling the contract

  • Assessment of the reality of the counterparty’s fulfillment of its obligations
  • Determination of the main activities of the enterprise
  • Revealing the trustworthiness / legality or transit / fictitiousness of the enterprise
  • Assessment of the company, as well as potential partners and competitors
  • Determination of methods of conducting financial and economic activities (from the point of view of the legitimacy of the operations carried out)
  • Identification of vulnerabilities (tax evasion, fraud, theft and other illegal activities)
  • Identification of the main counterparties
  • Study on the subject of cashing out funds of the enterprise
  • Determination of financial risks based on the company’s financial statements
  • Prevention of a possible raider attack

Case studies

An agreement was signed between the two companies for the supply of a diesel locomotive, according to which it was necessary to carry out major repairs and obtain a permit for operation. The deadlines for the work were delayed, despite the timely prepayment and there were risks of fulfilling the contract.

As a result of the investigation, it was:

– a study of the company of the customer’s counterparty, as well as persons and companies associated with it;
– identified areas and companies through which the funds received in advance were withdrawn;
– the actual and legal absence of a diesel locomotive from the counterparty was determined;
– criminal cases have been identified in relation to the counterparty’s controller, as well as the actual situation regarding the financial obligations of the companies associated with the counterparty.

As a result of the work performed, complete and comprehensive information was provided on the situation under the contract, the impossibility of its implementation, as well as the evidence base was collected and a draft statement of a criminal offense to seize the customer’s money by deceiving and breach of trust was prepared.

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