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Electronic warfare complexes

At present, various modifications of electronic warfare systems are used in world practice for radio-electronic suppression (REP) of radio-controlled explosive devices in order to protect the person, movable and immovable property.
Analysis of statistical data for the period 2000-2020. shows that in more than 97% of the applied RVUs, the command transmission was carried out by means of portable radio stations, car alarm systems, radio-controlled toys, radio telephones, cellular telephones operating in the frequency range from 20 to 3000 MHz and power from 0.05 to 5 W.
Evaluating the possible ways of design solutions for the RVU, the ranges of the frequencies used and the transmission range of the radio control signal, the specialists of the scientific and technical department of the company have developed and are producing a model range of complexes that are widely used in ensuring personal security, as well as combating terrorism. All complexes effectively suppress the signals of remote control devices, both radio stations (cell phones) and specially designed equipment.
Depending on the purpose and conditions of the intended operation, we offer the following REP complexes:

Electronic warfare complex

“Zavada 1” portable version, weighing up to 10 kg., Placed in a diplomat, serves for individual protection of the person and staff. It neutralizes radio-controlled explosive devices within a radius of at least 30 meters. The power of the complex is 25W.

Electronic warfare complex

“Zavada A” is a stationary version designed to protect vehicles. The radius of action is at least 55 meters. The power of the complex is 50W.

Electronic warfare complex

“Zavada V” is designed to protect armored vehicles. Suppression radius – not less than 100 meters. The power of the complex is 100W.

These complexes are protected by a patent, manufactured using the latest suppression technology “optijump” (optimized interference), which significantly reduced the total radiation power with a sufficient suppression radius.
By additional agreement, it is possible to correct the frequency response with an increase in the number of channels and an increase in output power, as well as installation of directional antennas.
Each complex can be equipped with a special stand for parameter control.

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