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The problem of payment for the delivered goods

The problem of payment for the delivered goods

Collection. Debt repayment

The repayment of debts for the delivered goods or services rendered is a common business request. Payment problems can arise not only as a result of fraudsters. Companies of the real sector of the economy are often among the debtors.
The company “Special Analytical Service” provides comprehensive services in the field of security, including: checking the partner’s solvency, analyzes the risks of contracts already at the stage of their preparation. Also, we can help to solve an existing problem. We will carry out activities for the collection and repayment of debt.

Case studies

The Agricultural Company entered into an agreement on the export of grain and delivered goods on a pick-up basis to the commercial seaport of Odessa. After fulfilling the terms of the contract and delivering the entire batch of grain, suspicions arose about the possible occurrence of problems with the payment to the Buyer’s company of the delivered goods.

A comprehensive analysis of the Buyer’s activity was carried out, during which it was established that this company is involved in the creation of criminal schemes, according to which a group of persons acts.
So, by signing contracts with Ukrainian agricultural enterprises, the Buyer receives their products for export, but then, according to the documents, the goods are transferred to another Ukrainian enterprise. In fact, the product itself is already exported under other documents.
According to the testimony of transport drivers engaged in transportation, the Company’s products were delivered to the territory of the sea commercial port of Odessa. At the same time, before entering the port, the Buyer changed the documents for the products for which it was further exported.

Thus, the Buyer, in order to cover up his fraudulent actions, created the appearance of economic activity: he entered into trust in sellers, concluded contracts and after receiving the goods transferred it to third-party companies using forged documents and did not pay for goods actually received.
Such a criminal scheme was constantly implemented by a group of persons, while only the names of the purchasing enterprises changed.

As a result of the work performed, the Company received information about the real state of affairs. With the help of our lawyers, she promptly filed a crime report. The activities of the fraudulent group of persons and all accounts were blocked, debts returned.