Economic security


Economic security of the enterprise - it's the status of it's protection from negative impact of both internal and external threats, destabilizing factors, ensuring persistent realization of the basic commercial interests and objectives of the statutory activity.

The basic tasks of the economic security of the enterprise are systematic provision of it's steady work, production as well as protection of commercial, industrial, financial, business concerned and other types of information, regardless of its purpose and forms of the sources for its leak and various criminal actions from the side of the opponents.

For each enterprise 'external' and 'internal' threats are purely individual. At the same time time the above categories include separate elements, which are appropriate for almost any party of business activity.

To the external threats and destabilizing factors can be referred unlawful actions of criminal structures, opponents, firms and private individuals involved into industrial espionage or fraud, insufficient business partners who had been dismissed before owing to the mischiefs of the employees working on this enterprise, as well as offenses from the side of the corrupted individuals from the number of representatives of controlling and law enforcement bodies.

To the internal threats and destabilizing factors can be referred acts or omissions (including deliberate and indeliberate) from the side of the employees of the enterprise, with prejudice to the company's commercial activity, as a result of which an economic damage to the company can be inflicted, leak or loss of information resources ( including the data which constitute a commercial secret and/or confidential information), prejudice of its business image in the business circles, rising of the problems in relationships with both real and potential partners (up to the loss of important contracts), conflict situations with the representatives of criminal structures, opponents, controlling and law enforcement bodies, injuries at work or death of the personnel etc.

Especially bright expression of 'external' and 'internal' threats can be observed in our country where the environment for the conduct of business is full of indefiniteness.

On this ground, the issues concerning economic security reach their highest point. The real business has long tried on it's own experience the meaning of trivial but still actual aphorism of Winston Churchill's "You have to pay for security, and for its lack pay."

For the provision of economic security of the enterprise the company "Special analytical service" can organize the events which in general will help your company to:

  • resist the fraud;
  • counteract the espionage;
  • discover harmful (for client) activity;
  • optimize financial and economic activity;
  • warn about incapacity/disloyalty of a partner;
  • develop a plan to outstand the opponents' actions;
  • resist to the corrupted controlling bodies;
  • counteract to the criminal structures;
  • anticipate the prejudice of business image;
  • define the threats for the well-being of the personnel;
  • modulate the crisis situations (Crush test)
We'll help you to find answers to the questions concerning economic security, and take decisions promoting positive financial status of your business.