Physical security


Physical security is a set of organizing measures and technical solutions directed to the safeguarding of the enterprise and a physical person.


  • Organizing measures. (Arranging the security service work at the site of both the customer's security service and using the security service 'SАS' According to preliminary analysis (audit) of the security system on the enterprise);
  • Technical and engineer technical systems of protection.( Electricity and water supply, ventilation, heating system, the means of security (AMCS - access monitoring and controlling system, security and fire alarms (SFA), video monitoring and means of communication), bringing about to unauthorized intruding of strangers in the territory of the enterprise and stealing of material, financial and informational resources);
  • Checking and preventive security measures of living and office premises of the customer;
  • Physical safeguarding of the objects and transport;
  • Forwarding of valuable goods;
  • Personal security of an individual and his family members;
  • Anti-espionage of business (checking of the employees, communication systems).


  • Illicit activity of criminal groups, competitive economic structures as well as particular persons, in regard to the employees of the enterprise, which as a consequence, may bring to both material and financial losses of the enterprise and damage to the health of its personnel;
  • Deliberate (for personal gain, forced, in bad faith) actions from the side of the enterprise employees, who have access to the material, financial and informational resources;
  • Violation of the existing requirements of accounting, keeping, circulation and selling of goods and materials, financial resources, internal documents and information resulting in losses and stealing;
  • States of emergency: fires, breakdowns, damages, manmade and natural disasters;
  • Personal threat to an individual and his family members;
  • Illicit actions from the side of some employees as well as some controlling and law enforcement bodies;


  1. Organisational arrangements. Audit of the existing security system, including physical safeguarding forces, balance of power and work of physical security, as well as engeer technical protection systems on the enterprise in order to optimize it, taking into account the specific of activity of the enterprise.
  2. Work with information. Leak prevention. Cyber security;
  3. Scanning of the office in order to discover possible eavesdropping and tracing devices, audit of the industrial espionage; Checking and preventive measures to safeguard security of your living and office premises;
  4. Development of the recommendations;
  5. Experience of the developed security system taking into account the specifics of the enterprise functioning system;
  6. The company possesses a sufficient resource to ensure physical protection of both object and subject;
  7. By virtue of using updated technical and engeneer technical solutions, the specialists of the company can in the shortest time period, properly minimize the possibility of uncontrolled intruding of the criminals in the territory under protection.
  8. Collaboration with the law enforcement and controlling bodies.

The qualified employees of analytical department of "SAS" company allows to collect and analyze information about job applicants as well as about acting employees of the enterprise, potential and acting partners in order to figure out possible risks, which influence on economic security and reputation of the enterprise.

The "SAS" company specialists are professionals in firearms training, combat maneuvers, extreme driving, provision of first medical aid, have experience of serving in the elite troops of the security services. They're always acting in the customer's best interests and within framework of Ukrainian legislation.

In virtue of collaboration with leading Ukrainian and foreign partners in the sphere of security, including the Israeli company Sensoguard ( and constant recurrent training under supervision of highly qualified instructors and specialists in the field of physical, electronic and intelligent security, the reliability and the character of our company is formed.

Work experience with VIP persons, leading companies, public structures, government institutions this all creates prestige of our collaborator.

Taking into account the present time situation and customer's needs, our company is able to provide services both in Ukraine and abroad, to provide with vehicle of any class, impose the latest possible electronic security systems, developed by the world's leaders in this field.

Engagement of the "Special Analytical Service" specialists provides opportunity to develop the system of organization protection, actives protection, first person or personnel protection from external threats and Illicit actions from the side of the opponents.