Informational security

Informational business security - is a confidential development of company business subjected to its full, continuous functioning as well as provision of complete integrity and protection of all the informational resources.

Information protection - is a complex of measures directed to the provision of informational security of the object where the information is circulating. The informational security doesn't solely mean the protection from unauthorised access to the information, it's meaning is much more extended. The subject of informational relations may suffer (casualties and/or moral damage) not only because of unauthorized access, but also because of the crash of system resulting in a break in the work. Moreover, for many open institutions (such as educational) the priority of protection from unauthorized access to information is far from the top. The critical factor for them is to ensure continuous work of informational system. It depends not only on computer equipment but on the supporting infrastructure, to which we may refer the systems of electricity, water, heat - supply, conditioners, means of communication, and of course, operating personnel.

Introduction of European norms of standard for informational security ISO IEC 27001 in the framework of the enterprise or a company will give the following advantages:

  • informational actives will get more available to the administration;
  • the main threats influencing the security of the procedures will be singled out;
  • it will be made the account of risks and the opportunity to take decisions orienting to the distinct aims will be achieved;
  • the base for the efficient management in the critical situations in the sphere of IT will be laid;
  • an easy search and correction of weak patches in the system will be ensured;
  • the personal frames of responsibility of each key employee will be defined;
  • the expenses on the security system support will be reduced;
  • the authority in front of the partners and the consumers will be risen;
  • the purity of business-operations for administration will be ensured.

The majority of the business men stick to the idea that their companies are not big and they don't lead active public activity, therefore they are not interesting to the criminals. As the practice shows, each more or less prosperous enterprise gets an object of attention to the opponents, raiders, corrupted civil servants and other criminals.

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